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Benny Profane

July, 2019

Designed by Ania Nalecka-Milach

Limited to 500 signed and numbered copies

book accompanied by 6x5" pigment print.

Video credit:  Unobtanium Books 

A Topical Times for These Times

June 2016

designed by Victoria Forrest / Design by Victoria.

Published by RRB Publishing.

Essays by Ken Grant and Niall Griffiths

RRB Photobooks, 2016

Hardcover, Edition of 1000.

176 pages, 170 Images, 19.5 x 23 cm

Special edition includes 5x 5" pigment print on 7x9" archival paper

Shankly One              

 Cafe Royal Books


Shankly Two

Cafe Royal Books


From the Provy to the Derry

Cafe Royal Books 30-1-19

One day in July in Cable Street, Southport

Cafe Royal Books


(Reprints. All 4 titles originally published in 2015)


March 2014

APB Photobooks, Dublin

Designed by Tony Waddingham

Edition 800

The Birdhouse

self -published

August 2012

Designed by Ken Grant

Printed by Gomer Press 

(Out of Print)

No pain whatsoever

Journal Photobooks

Designed and Edited by by Gösta Flemming

Text: Ken Grant 

Awarded Diploma in Swedish Book Art 2014 at the National Library of Sweden. 

The Close Season

published April 2002

Dewi Lewis Publishing

Designed by Ken Grant and Dewi Lewis 

(Out of Print)

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